in 1941

about findus foods

Findus Foods is one of the largest frozen food companies in Europe. Established in 1941, customers across Europe have appreciated the Findus brand for over 70 years. Founded in Sweden, Findus is now a market leading retail brand in Scandinavia, France and the UK; growing, developing, producing and marketing a complete range of frozen food products.

Although the history of Findus already gives the brand a great deal of credibility, the key to the brand’s success has always been the continuing ambition to deliver high quality products and developing exciting new ideas to satisfy consumers' needs. Findus constantly strives to develop innovative production techniques and solutions, in order to offer consumers the opportunity to enjoy good and nutritious food at a reasonable price. Quality is fundamental to the approach that Findus takes in producing superior foods in a safe and responsible manner for consumers to enjoy. Findus takes every possible care and apply the very latest techniques to ensure that all product are safe and of the highest standards possible. In the drive for sustainability and health, Findus focus on two core areas; sustainable agriculture and good nutrition.

Findus is a major European producer of frozen vegetables and has developed a unique method of sustainable vegetable production called LISA (Low Impact Sustainable Agriculture). LISA has been shown to result in having a low impact on climate and environmental conditions, providing sustainable agriculture and the production of great tasting and nutritional vegetables. As a major food producer Findus also has a significant responsibility in providing nutritious products, thereby ensuring the well-being of our consumers. This means that Findus only use natural colouring, flavourings and sweeteners.The overall aim of Findus is to operate in a responsible manner that meets the needs of consumers and business without compromising the needs and wellbeing of future generations.

Findus Foods is imported to South Africa by Cape Harvest Foods.